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How about getting an instant solution to your issues with astrology consultation on the phone? Sounds amazing? You can now get answers to your long-standing issues by astrological experts at Panditji On Call. Speaking to our experienced and expert astrologers on the phone can help in resolving your life issues and getting the best solutions that change your life positively. Our phone consultancy service can prove to be the solution that you were looking for to the issues caused by celestial movements creating ill effects, causing you stress. You can get in touch with our experienced and renowned astrologers to seek their guidance. They can successfully pacify the unsettling issues and stressful moments of your life. You can rest assured about receiving the best quality astrology services online for the issues caused by unfavourable movements of planets and stars.


If You believe in past Karma and looking for A Genuine Astrological Guidance Here is the Solution You are talented & also work hard but still not getting desired results and rise in life on the other hand someone much less deserving & not even working hard gets promotion unexpectedly or is getting sudden rise in business. What is the reason behind this?? Here comes the karma theory As a result of past & present karma we get good or bad results. But when one is entangled in web of karmas. First thing that comes in mind of the suffering person is to consult astrologer but most of the times kne gets misguided due to purely professional attitude or limited knowledge of astrologer. Which leads to disbelief in Astrology . Don't worry! I am here to help.you! To guide you in the best possible way.


  • we believe in providing value for money so don't worry we will provide consultation in such a way that you will get value of each of your penny.
    • our minimum charges will be 1100 rupees that will be valid for 15 days you can take time to enquire if facing difficulty in doing remedies hassle free procedure you may have waiting period from 2 hours to two days maximum once you leave your question or query with your biodata we will provide you details of payment method and within mention time you can contact us in which ever method you wish maybe WhatsApp call or voice call.


  • If you are suffering because of "past karmas" we can guide you with simple remedies (उपाय) that will lessen or dilute the effect of such karmas
  • For example,Jupiter is 'कारक'(significator) for money & progency If you have done some bad act to Priest/Pandit or Teacher in past times or Past births, You will have to pay the consequence in the form of no child birth or some bad health of children or some money loss related during 'दशा'(dasha) & गोचर(transit) of Jupiter. But believe it or not doing some remedies will help you to come out of such situations.

  • I am in field of ayurvedic Medical Science Since 30 years serving humanity in health sector
  • Doctor + Astrologer=Combination of knowledge & Experience
    • Doctor + Astrologer=Combination of Faith & Privacy

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