These days, Career selection is a very tough challenge faced by parents as well as children. Continuous growing pressure of society, Ever changing trends in demand of various skills are adding fuel in the fire.Multitasking is not for everyone. Perfection is must in any particular field. To choose this or that is the most common question faced or asked by parents & students of today. Here your "Grah Dasha" matters a lot .
You can take help of astrology in shaping a bright career of your child or yours!

As business is not a cup of tea for everybody Similarly everyone today is not satisfied with fixed salary structure of a job.

Every "Planet" and every "Rashi" has power to give inclination towards certain job/business. Even "combination of planets" in specific "Rashi" creates way of success for particular profession/business,

for example

*Jupiter gives inclination towards teaching profession

*Mars indicates property business or army police job and

*mercury increases writing ability and calculation & finance related talent as well.

Depending upon the strength of planets/rashi/house we will provide you the best guidance for profession/carrier/business/service.

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