Gemini Horoscope 2022

Sun Sign dates(Indian System):- 15 June-1July

Element:- Air

About Gemini

अपनी उम्र से कम लगने वाले, चंचल,

इनमे समय के साथ परिपक्वता आती है।

enjoy changes

best-known for copying others/mimicry, excellent presence of mind.

विशेष व्यवसाय--

reporters, writers, advocate,work involving stationary, communication.

Horoscope 2022

Up to April 9th lord in 8th house aspecting 10th and 2nd house will give some delay in success of plans and will delay monetary gains but as the Jupiter moves to Pisces (its own sign) it will increase job opportunities and gains as well.June and July will be best time for romance and relation as Venus moves to its own sign and Kaal purush उच्च स्थान।
A unique year is awaiting you in 2022. This is a year where you would be more action-oriented and chase your dreams one after another, just like an endless sky. After each month, you would set up a goal and follow the same relentlessly, which may be something that you lacked in the past, and we’re working towards it. Finally, you may reach a point where you may implement everything that you learned in the past. health will be disturbed till April to July.In end of July situations will improve.

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